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Nancy Saylor

USRowing Level II Certified Coach
UCanRow2 Certified Instructor
Nancy SaylorNancy learned to row with AMSRA at Mackey Lake in 2003. Her passion for rowing was evident right from the start – she showed twice a day and any other chance she got in her novice year. She still shows twice a day to the row site but now in the capacity as coach. “My husband is very supportive of all I do in rowing and encouraged me to get my coaching certificate. Everything I do is for rowing, so for me, acquiring my certificate was the next logical step.”
The hired 2014 coach, Colleen Irby, helped Nancy achieve her coaching status by mentoring and observing her skills and sending a check-off list to USRowing. “I thought we were a great tag-team.” Nancy explains, “I’d be thinking something and she’d say it or visa versa! I learned a lot about my own intuitive abilities and Colleen helped me fill in the blanks.”
Receiving her UCanRow2 Certified Instructor Certificate in 2015, Nancy keeps busy promoting rowing and the AMSRA name in the off season through her partnerships with CrossFit Kainos and River City Wellness Center in Soldotna. “Brennan approached me in the winter of 2015-16 about running a rowing program through his box. We started in Jan 2016, and, although the program is open to the public, we ended up with mostly team members participating. I’ve always wanted a place for our team to train together in the off-season, and this works our perfectly.”
She also coaches erg classes two days a week at the Wellness Center. “I’m really stoked! Amy and Sky are very positive and motivated about being able to offer erg classes to their clients. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity.
“Because of our partnerships with these local folks, our club has momentum in growing awareness for our sport through establishing a positive presence in our community. Being able to offer year-round rowing to our members and the community is a dream come true.”